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Clean Room Products

A Clean Room is a highly purified and regulated room for producing equipment sensitive to contamination.

Pass Box

Air Shower

HEPA Filter

AHU Units

Pass Box:Pass Box is designed to provide functional support of controlling ingress of particulate contamination in clean room environment as well as in other controlled environment. Further, these pass boxes also allows materials to be efficiently transferred into controlled environment without need of personnel movement. Finding suitability for protecting external environment from egress of contamination, these are perfectly suitable for biological safety.

Air Shower:Air Shower, a kind of equipment to clean workshop and factory building, can be used to clean away the dust on human body and goods surface. It also acts as an air lock to prevent unpurified air form entering the clean area. It is widely applied in industries such as electronics, precision instrument, meters, and laboratory, etc.

HEPA Filter:It is used for clean room purpose. HEPA filter are extremely important for maintaining contamination control. They filter particles as small as 0.3 microns with a 99.97% minimum particle-collective efficiency.

AHU Units: An air Handler Unit is a large metal box containing a blower, heating and/or cooling elements. Air handlers usually connect to ductwork that distributes the conditioned air through the building, and returns it to the AHU.It is used in clean room purpose in Industrial Area.

HVAC Products

HVAC products reduce operating costs by their extremely efficient use of energy.

HRW Unit

Chiller Unit

Fan Coil Unit

Pre Filter

Axial Flow Fan

Air Washer Unit

HRW Unit: The HRW Units is the standard construction. All options are possible here. The standard units can be expanded with, among other things, integrated valves, heater, cooler, change-over, and silencers. Special modifications for, for example, connecting openings are possible as well.

Chiller Unit: A chiller cooling system removes heat from one element and deposits into another element. In large data centers the chiller is used to cool the water used in their heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units.

Fan Coil Unit: We have been able to provide our clients a high quality assortment of Fan Coil Unit that find application in varied places for ventilation. This units are manufactured in synchronization with set industry norms using quality tested components and sophisticated technology under the direction of our Industrious.

Pre Filter: Our company has relentlessly pursued excellence in its endeavor by providing superior quality Pre Filter. Owing to the high operational fluency, this filter is broadly used in chemical and food industries for removing dust particles and filtering the air. Manufactured from high raw material and sophisticated.

Axial Flow Fan: We manufacture a wide range of Tube Axial Flow Fans. From our direct driven axial fan, where the impeller is mounted on the motor shaft, to the belt driven axial fan, to our bifurcated fan range where the motor is completely isolated from the airstream. In addition to the standard fan.

Air Washer Unit: An air washer is a piece of equipment that is designed to improve air quality by scrubbing the air that moves through it and adjusting humidity levels to keep the environment consistent. Air washers are used as part of climate control and air quality systems.